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“This is a book written straight from the heart. Katerina’s stories and recipes are an affectionate celebration of her Macedonian heritage, transporting you right to her family table, enjoying dishes that are respectful of tradition and yet accessible to everyone.”

Irina Georgescu, author of Carpathia: Food from the Heart of Romania

Macedonian cuisine is a rich mosaic of influences from the Mediterranean and Middle East, as well as Kosovo to the north, Bulgaria to the east and Greece to the south.
Macedonia: The Cookbook is a love letter to Macedonian culture, and a cuisine deeply rooted in its land and traditions. In her first book, chef and food writer Katerina Nitsou shares over 100 mouth-watering recipes: from the spicy grilled peppers that grace every table to cool cucumber Tarator soup; heart pork rib and butterbean stew to chicken pillar; coiled filled pastries and breads to pear strudel.

With beautiful photography of the food, people, and landscapes of Northern Macedonia, it’s a celebration of a fascinating and diverse country.